Kelly grew up in the suburbs of Boston and has the vocabulary to prove it, if not the accent (that only pops up when she’s drunk). She spent her childhood reading, performing in musicals, and fretting about her hair. She still reads and frets, but now only performs on long car rides.

Kelly very irresponsibly ran away to New York City in her early twenties, and spent the next several years drinking far too much coffee, staying up far too late, embarrassing herself far too often, and juggling entirely too many ill-paying jobs. She also made deep and lasting friendships there, established her career, met and fell in love with her husband, wrangled her debt, built an age-and-employment-appropriate wardrobe, and spent dark summer nights on roof decks with the air lush and damp on her skin. In other words, New York is the city that taught her to be an adult.

In 2009 at the height of the recession, she quit her job, held an unsuccessful sidewalk sale, and permanently moved to her husband’s homestate of Minnesota. She’s been to the Great Lakes and finds them confusing (it looks like the ocean, but the air doesn’t smell briny) but since her beloved Atlantic Ocean isn’t an option, she’ll take what she can get.



David hasn’t written his own bio yet, so Kelly is writing it for him.

David thinks he grew up in the suburbs, but he’s wrong about that. He grew up surrounded by corn and soybean fields, and as a child his version of dodge ball involved trampolines and BB guns.

He likes spicy food, dress shirts, Helvetiva, breakfast sandwiches with sausage, strategically-involved board games, beer, cats, and mac & cheese.

He has lived a bunch of interesting places like Germany and South Korea, and he is a proud Wisconsin Madison alumnus. He is like a cross between a hipster, a politician, and an old man.

I adore him.



Penny Mae is our Tiny Overlord, our Not-So-Benevolent Dictator. Penny was born January 18, 2014. You can read about her birth here. She is also known as Pen, Pencil, Penny-Poops-A-Lot, Grumpus, Sweet Thing, and Nickel. She enjoys bouncing, making goofy faces, and eating. She is a little cuddle bug, and loves falling asleep on her favorite people, rendering them unable to move for many hours, or risk disturbing her precarious slumber. She’s pretty much the best. We worship the ground she lays on.



Durpalug Smallmeow (neé Phyllis) is truly the head of the household. Alternately known as Furball, Ass-licker, Puker, Little Kitty, and Furry Pants, Durp enjoys dominating abandoned boxes, napping in the sun, and abusing the affections of her owners. In addition to canned cat food (never dry), she  is partial to curry, popcorn, and whole roasted chicken. She is obsessively in love with David, who once described their relationship as “symbiotic.”