Papa Speaks: The Year of 30


Note: “Papa Speaks” is the tentative title for what we hope will be a recurring feature on this blog: updates from David. Here, he’ll write about food, family, and whatever sparks his interest. 

This spectacular image of Pen–when she was just a few days old–sums up the past 12+ months for me. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…tired, wired, mired…

In March I turned thirty-one years old. The preceding year was a trip. In that single year I experienced:

  • most of my first year being married to my best friend
  • a pregnant wife
  • the birth of our child
  • caring for a newborn and a new mom
  • being the proud father of a beautiful daughter
  • completing an MBA
  • working into a huge promotion
  • being a core member of a team that launched a new state agency
  • being a core member of a team that launched a new (faulty) website
  • developing and implementing multiple programs, products, and services
  • hiring a team of professional staff
  • formally supervising someone for the first time
  • formally managing a team for the first time
  • firing someone for the first time
  • being the subject of a deposition
  • making multiple headlines (mostly bad, but some good)

It was a thrilling, stressful, not fun, eye opening, crazy fucking year. I think it was worth it.

I have a great life. A wonderful life. A healthy daughter. A promising career.  Most important of all, a wonderful partner to share this all with. Good and bad.

So what’s thirty-one about? This next year is about designing a better me: a good career trajectory, a healthy body and mind, a well read citizen, a close family member, an engaged friend, an interesting acquaintance. I’m going to continue building my home–a happy place for a great, budding family. Eventually everything will come together. But I’ll always be working on something. Life’s about moments. And there are a lot of awesome moments ahead. I’m on a path as an individual. I’m on a journey with my girls.

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