The Ban Has Lifted

So last week I gave up all internet and screen usage in my free time. The first day or so was difficult. I kept carrying my phone around the apartment on Monday night, even though I wasn’t going to be using it. At least three times I clicked on the instagram icon out of habit and had to catch myself and put my phone down and walk away from it for a few minutes. The whole thing seemed sort of stupidly pointless at that time. I was cranky.

Things got better as the week went on. I felt a lot calmer, more serene, and more relaxed (interesting! Since I so often claim that fiddling around on my phone “helps me relax”). I read more, I played board games with David, we cooked together. My ice cream hardened up beautifully and we ate plenty of that. We took walks in the evening and started reading aloud to each other again (we’ve been doing this since we started dating, and it was put on hold for the final 9 months or so of grad school). I spent time being quiet.

ice cream

I had to take our car in to the dealership last Wednesday and wait around for them to complete $700 worth of repairs. I thought going without my phone for those long three hours would be torture, but I actually ended up loving the uninterrupted reading time.

I did really look  forward to coming in to work each day, where my screen ban (including internet) was lifted. But although it’s now four days past the end of my experiment, I still haven’t watched any tv or movies (which means I’m dreadfully behind on Mark Watches, and that does make me a little bit sad) and I can’t say I miss it very much.

I’m definitely playing with my phone again, but not nearly as much as I was before going screen free. All in all I’m really happy with the experiment, and feel much better about letting screens into my life again on a moderate basis.

Plus, I return just in time for the long-awaited return of the fantastic Allie Brosh, of Hyperbole and a Half!

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Kelly grew up in the suburbs of Boston, mere minutes from the Atlantic ocean. For several years she lived in New York City where she found the two loves of her life: Publishing and David. She moved to the Twin Cities for her husband, and eventually managed to pick up the pieces of her career as well. Although she’s learning to appreciate lakes, she misses the ocean ferociously.

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