I’ve Got the Blues

One night in the early stages of our engagement, David and I invited over two of our friends. Somehow those cheesy newly wed “How Well Do You Know Your Spouse” quizes came up in our conversation. Meredith and Anika had been best friends and roommates for years, and figured they could ace one of those questionnaires no problem, so the four of us found one online and took it.

The quiz was set up so that you answered each question twice: once for yourself, once for your partner. Then you go through and see if they match. When the question “What is your partner’s favorite color?” came up, I groaned. I don’t really have a favorite color.

I’m a person who has serious favorites in life, so that fact that I can’t single out one color I prefer to all the rest sort of irritates me. Sometime in high school I decided my favorite color was red, because I needed to pick a favorite, damnit. So when filling out the questionnaire I wrote “My favorite color is red, but David will say it’s blue.”

And he did. I wonder why?

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I am obsessed with this color lately. I just walked around the apartment for a few minutes and gathered up everything in sight that fits into this color family. This isn’t even counting any of the clothes I have in this color, or other larger things, like a side table, spice cabinet, and several storage bins.

And yet I’m still reluctant to label this as my favorite. I’m wondering if it’s just a phase, like that time a few years ago when I suddenly started buying a lot of purple stuff and I don’t even like purple! (I may have a hard time choosing a favorite color, but I’m firm in the ones I don’t care for). Grey, hot pink, and mustard yellow are other colors I’m drawn to lately.

Do your favorite colors change often? Do you have a hard time picking just one?

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Kelly grew up in the suburbs of Boston, mere minutes from the Atlantic ocean. For several years she lived in New York City where she found the two loves of her life: Publishing and David. She moved to the Twin Cities for her husband, and eventually managed to pick up the pieces of her career as well. Although she’s learning to appreciate lakes, she misses the ocean ferociously.

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