Excuses from the Guilt-Ridden

Reasons I Haven’t Updated My Blog Since February

  1. I’m busy.
  2. I haven’t cooked or baked anything worth writing about.
  3. I’ve cooked and baked plenty worth writing about, but forgot to take pictures of the deliciousness.
  4. I’m sick of posting only about food.
  5. I’m tired.
  6. I’m lazy.
  7. I’m homesick.
  8. I never do anything interesting.
  9. I’ve done loads of interesting stuff, but don’t have any pictures to prove it.
  10. I’ve done interesting stuff, and have pictures to prove it, but I look ugly in them and am still inexplicably too vain to post ugly pictures of myself on the internet.
  11. I’ve done interesting stuff, and have plenty of pictures in which I look great while doing said stuff, and I am more than happy to plaster flattering pictures of myself on the internet—however, the hard drive on my computer is COMPLETELY full and I don’t yet have the money saved up for an external and thus cannot upload photos for love or money and we all know that a blog post without pictures is LAME.
  12. The fact that my audience is so varied (hi mom, dad, grandparents, friends, former coworkers, significant others’ family, former clients, former high school classmates I am once again in touch with thanks to the slightly awkward magic of facebook, and random strangers from the internet!) severely limits the scope of what I feel comfortable writing about. And everybody loves food, right? Right! Except as mentioned in #4 I’m sort of sick of posting about food. Conundrum!
  13. Writing is hard.
  14. Writing consistently is particularly hard.
  15. I have notoriously terrible follow-through.
  16. I’ve been reading a string of epic fantasies—from the literary to the moderately trashy—one after the other over the last month, and pretty much spend all my free time inhaling those books as opposed to doing anything else, ever. It’s an odd phase, and it will pass, but for the moment I am consumed.
  17. I’m boring.
  18. I’m still suspicious about my own motives for keeping a blog. My previous blogging experience consisted entirely of a handful of livejournal accounts, so, yeah.
  19. I’ve been too busy theorizing about LOST and being devastated by the fact that [SPOILER] Kate hasn’t been killed off yet. I hate Kate.
  20. You know how you put something off, and put it off, and put it off, and it just becomes impossible to pick it back up again? Yeah, that.


PS. I started this list, like, a week before I got around to posting it. I have an external hard drive now. Pictures will be uploaded. Posts will be posted. You will witness the impossible.


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Kelly grew up in the suburbs of Boston, mere minutes from the Atlantic ocean. For several years she lived in New York City where she found the two loves of her life: Publishing and David. She moved to the Twin Cities for her husband, and eventually managed to pick up the pieces of her career as well. Although she’s learning to appreciate lakes, she misses the ocean ferociously.

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