Papa Speaks: The Year of 30


Note: “Papa Speaks” is the tentative title for what we hope will be a recurring feature on this blog: updates from David. Here, he’ll write about food, family, and whatever sparks his interest. 

This spectacular image of Pen–when she was just a few days old–sums up the past 12+ months for me. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…tired, wired, mired…

In March I turned thirty-one years old. The preceding year was a trip. In that single year I experienced:

  • most of my first year being married to my best friend
  • a pregnant wife
  • the birth of our child
  • caring for a newborn and a new mom
  • being the proud father of a beautiful daughter
  • completing an MBA
  • working into a huge promotion
  • being a core member of a team that launched a new state agency
  • being a core member of a team that launched a new (faulty) website
  • developing and implementing multiple programs, products, and services
  • hiring a team of professional staff
  • formally supervising someone for the first time
  • formally managing a team for the first time
  • firing someone for the first time
  • being the subject of a deposition
  • making multiple headlines (mostly bad, but some good)

It was a thrilling, stressful, not fun, eye opening, crazy fucking year. I think it was worth it.

I have a great life. A wonderful life. A healthy daughter. A promising career.  Most important of all, a wonderful partner to share this all with. Good and bad.

So what’s thirty-one about? This next year is about designing a better me: a good career trajectory, a healthy body and mind, a well read citizen, a close family member, an engaged friend, an interesting acquaintance. I’m going to continue building my home–a happy place for a great, budding family. Eventually everything will come together. But I’ll always be working on something. Life’s about moments. And there are a lot of awesome moments ahead. I’m on a path as an individual. I’m on a journey with my girls.

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Sunday Mornings

When we were dating, David and I spent Sunday mornings at his Brooklyn apartment in our pajamas with the New York Times, coffee, and a box of crunch mini donuts. Spending all morning reading and getting crumbs all over the bed (it’s ok; Sunday is also laundry day) was fantastic, and I wasn’t about to […]

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Date Night

The first time I was away from Penny was two nights after she was born. We were still in the hospital and she had been crying incessantly for what seemed like hours. I refused to let her be taken to the nursery, so David and I took turns trying to console her and attempting to […]

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In the beginning Penny was jaundiced and lost 13% of her birthweight after leaving the hospital, so we were putting in regular appearances at the pediatrician’s office. Bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived, I held my daughter so a lab technician could prick Penny’s heel and draw blood to test her bilirubin levels. “Name?” asked the lab tech. […]

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Penelope Mae

About halfway through my miserable pregnancy David and I were lying in bed, and he made up this song: Penelope Mae You are not a kittay You are a babay COMING SOON It became our mantra for the remaining months: coming soon, coming soon, coming soon. Penelope did not come soon. She came late. I […]

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The Home Stretch

I am 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant. There are 17 days left until my due date. I really thought I would update this blog a lot more throughout my pregnancy, but it just hasn’t happened. A lot of things have fallen by the wayside over the last 9 months, and I’ve struggled to come […]

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German Apple Cake

The best part about getting married in an apple orchard is that we get to return to our wedding venue every fall to pick apples. Autumn is my very favorite time of year. Not just for all things pumpkin flavored, or the cooling crisp air, or gorgeous foliage (although all that is super wonderful). No, […]

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Not All Bad

Yesterday I came home to a letter informing me that my therapist is resigning. Today I forgot to take my nausea medication. My To Do lists (both personal and professional) are a million miles long, and I don’t even know where to begin. It has been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day around […]

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A year ago today, I married David in an apple orchard.

Was it the best day of my life? I hope not. I hope my life is long, and full, and shared with my wonderful husband and the family we’re making together. I hope there are so many more best days. September 1, 2012 was pretty damn magical, though.

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I’m 20+ weeks pregnant. Halfway. It still sucks.  I’m still vomiting on the semi-regular (it’s down to about once a week because I caved and am now on anti-nausea medicine. Still. Vomiting once a week and feeling like you might vomit six times a week is a shitty way to spend your weeks). I can […]

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